Norway Facts

Top Interesting and Funny Facts about Norway

Norway Facts: Norway, The country is famous for its natural beauty with glaciers, mountains, and a brimful cosmopolitan environment. Oslo is the largest city and also the capital of Norway. The nation is known to be the most productive, happiest, and safest in the world.

If we talk about Norway, there are many fascinating, funny, and weird facts that you like to read. Here are some facts for you 

  • Language – Norwegian
  • Capital – Oslo
  • Currency – Kronor
  • Area – 323,802 km
  • Population – 5,267,146 (as of 2017)

Facts about Norway 

#1 Kongeriket Norge (Kingdom of Norway) is the formal name of Norway

#2 Norwegian Krone (NOK) is the monetary unit of Norway.

#3 North Cape is the Northernmost point of Norway and Europe 

#4 A Norwegian committee grants the Nobel Peace Prize in Norway 

#5 Norwegian coastline length is 25.148 km (including fjords) 

#6 The lion is the national symbol of Norway

#7 The Total area of Norway is 125,021 square miles (323,802 square km, including Bouvet, Jan Mayen, and Svalbard Islands.

#8 Norway is the largest exporter of salmon in the world. 

#9 Trondheim (Norway) was one of Europe’s first wireless cities. 

#10 The Norwegians founded Dublin, Ireland, in A.D. 836.d. 

Norway Facts

Top 10 Interesting and Funny Facts about Norway 

Here are top 10 interesting and funny facts about Norway you must know-

#1 As indicated by the 2013 Global Peace Index, Norway is one of the most peaceful nations in the world, positioning 11th out of 162 countries. 

#2 the Lærdal Tunnel is the world’s largest tunnel, it is 24.5 km (15 miles) long. 

#3 You have to pay the U.S. $480.66, an annual licensing fee. If you own a television in Norway. 

#4 According to The Happiness Research Institute, Norway is the 2nd happiest country in the world (Finland is number 1). 

#5 Norwegian ladies entitled for possibly one year’s maternity leave at 80% of their wages or 10 months at their full compensation. 

#6 Norway is a little less than Sweden in the area. 

#7 There is no official religion in Norway. 

#8 Same-sex marriage is allowed in Norway since 2008. 

#9 Homeownership rates in Norway are among the highest in the world 

#10 Life imprisonment in Norway was abolished in 1917; now, 21 years is the longest term in jail. 

Unknown Facts about Norway

Top unknown facts about Norway you must know-

#1 About 98-99 % of electricity comes from hydroelectric power. 

#2 In Norway, Skateboard was banned between the span of 1978 and 1989 

#3 The country with a low crime rate and the murder rate 

#4 The title song of the James Bond movie (The Living Daylights) was written by Norwegian pop music group A-ha in 1988. 

#5 It is illegal in the country to display advertisements to children 12 years old or younger 

#6 As per population, Norwegians read more books than other nations 

#7 Jails in Norway are known to be the most luxurious in the world and have also won a design award. 

#8 In Norway, it is illegal to spay your dog.  

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