A Tablespoon of Mustard to Cure Muscle Cramps

Mustard for muscle cramps: Mustard is no more a kitchen ingredient but a cure to cramps. There are several home remedies to overcome cramps, and mustard is one of the commonly used components. Muscles cramps are occurring since people have been exercising. Before heading towards the cure, let’s discuss the muscle cramps.

What are Muscle Cramps?

Muscle cramps are sudden involuntary contractions (also call spasms). Cramps can happen in a part of a particular muscle, in whole muscle or in a group of muscles that acts together. Cramps are usually common and mostly occurs after vigorous exercise. Even most of the people suffer leg cramps at night. More often cramps are painful, and they last from a few seconds to several minutes and sometimes to a day also.

Muscle cramps

Cramps can occur in any muscles, but it most often happens in:

  • Thigh and calf
  • Feet
  • Hands
  • Abdomen
  • And along the rib cage area

What are the causes of cramps?

There are several causes of muscles, such as:

  • The most common cause of muscle cramps is straining a muscle
  • When muscle does not get enough blood
  • In pregnancy
  • Due to some medicines
  • Dehydration is another common cause
  • Due to injury

Did Mustard Work for Muscle Cramps?

The answer is yes, yellow mustard is the best cure for muscle cramps. Mustard, the word is derived from the Latin word ‘mustum aredens’ which means Burning must. Mustard is a paste made up of crushed mustard seeds mixed with old wine must. It is the most common spice used in cooking. Seeds of mustard contain edible oil, are protein-rich and is an excellent source of dietary fibers.

Mustard for cramps

Muscle cramps have become common these days. Most of the athletes suffer leg cramps on the track some people have cramps at midnight also. Having leg cramp on track is the worst nightmare of any athlete. To overcome this, most of the coaches recommend athletes to swallow mustard to avoid cramps. Not only athletes have cramps, but some people have them in sleep at night which is commonly due to dehydration, medicine, injury, lack of calcium, potassium, or magnesium, or sometimes the reason is unknown.

Vinegar or pickle juice are other remedies to overcome leg cramps, but it is not easy to consume them because of the taste. Yellow mustard for leg cramps are the most commonly used by athletes before vigorous training or before the event to avoid cramps during training or event.

Mustard is popular to get relief from leg cramps as there are no side effects, inexpensive and is safe. The reason for its effectiveness is acetic acid in it (found in vinegar) which helps our body to produce more acetylcholine.

What does Scientific Research say about Mustard for Spasms?

Mustard is a perfect blend of vinegar, sodium & turmeric helps to overcome the tough cramps. The anecdotal evidence appears to be there. The deficiency causes cramps in acetylcholine, and the mustard is reportedly abundant in acetylcholine which reacts quickly after intake and covers up the absence of acetylcholine. Even many athletes feel relief from muscle cramps within a minute of having a spoon or two of mustard.

A Tablespoon of Mustard to cure Cramps

Mustard for cramps

Since years, mustard is being the best cure for muscle cramps. A tablespoon of yellow mustard helps to get relief from cramps within a minute of consuming. Its effect is immediate, which helps to overcome the cramp easily. Turmeric is believed to be the reason for the direct impact which gives the mustard its yellow color.

Before there was medication, there were also spices, herbs and a wide variety of natural products to assist us whenever we feel stressed. With the arrival of modern medicine and pharmaceuticals firms, home remedies fell into rejection. Doctors didn’t find out about home remedies within their medical college. As a result, doctors often taunt old wives’ stories or other ridiculous solutions for common ailments. As a result, doctors often taunt old wives’ stories or other ridiculous solutions for common ailments.

Is Mustard Applied Topically Works or Not?
The answer is no. It won’t work when applied topically. To cure cramp, one has to consume the yellow mustard.

The above-provided information about mustard for muscle cramps based on the facts and information about cramps and use of yellow mustard for cramps.

It is highly recommended to consult a doctor if you are using mustard for daily basis. Having constant cramps may lead to a serious health problem.

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